Maison Carlyle is an editorial destination for those who seek to be inspired by timeless aesthetics. ABOVE ALL, It is a labor of love driven by a mother and daughter’s passion for beauty and reverence of the past.

“We believe that there is a certain elegance, sophistication and attention to detail in the way people lived which can inspire our lives in the most beautiful way. On a deeper level, we also believe that living beautifully means stepping into our truth and embracing what’s in our heart, and hope to inspire you to do the same. Through our researched articles, Living Beautifully series and curated assortment of objects, we hope to inspire you to live beautifully and most importantly to lead with intention.”


Growing up in Montreal during the 1970s, Angie experienced the city during its most extraordinary and vibrant period. The European influenced style and culture would all resonate with her and go on to shape her discerning eye throughout the years. Angie studied education and devoted her teaching career to inner city schools in Toronto and Montreal, where she received numerous accolades, including recognition from the Senate of Canada. As an avid gardener and painter, art and creativity were always at the forefront of her lesson plans where she taught children that “beauty is everywhere, and can be found in the simplest forms of everyday life”. These cherished lessons would go on to shape the lives of many students from all walks of life, including Angie’s own children, Christina and George.

Inspired by her grandmother’s love of entertaining and her mother’s beautiful sense of style and attention to detail, Christina developed a passion for beauty at a young age. A creative at heart, Christina would spend hours pouring over her mother’s coffee table books and magazines, recreating magical scenes in her dollhouse and in the living spaces around her. After years of studying the works of some of the great decorators of the past, Christina stepped out of the financial world and embraced what was in her heart, launching an editorial destination alongside her mother, where she could celebrate beauty and inspire others.

Rooted in timeless beauty, Maison Carlyle is a visual diary where Christina and Angie can express their editorial voices and hone in on their passions for history and design. It is a platform where both mother and daughter can share their favorite finds and cherished inspirations, in the hopes of inspiring others to live beautifully.

Christina and Angie are based in Montreal where they live with their respective families. When they are not tending to their perennial gardens, they could be found entertaining family and friends al fresco in their Greek island home along the Ionian Sea.

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