Design Spotlight: Mark D. Sikes for Hudson Valley Lighting

watercolour illustration by owen homes featuring the Osterley pendant

Known for his all American sensibilities and fresh take on the classics, Mark D. Sikes is one of the preeminent American designers working today, and a favorite at Maison Carlyle! His rooms, steeped in wonderful blue-and-white color schemes, have been much celebrated, and featured in leading design publications such as Veranda, Architectural Digest and Elle Decor. Whether through his timeless designs, ongoing product collaborations or inspiring books, Mark undoubtedly makes the world more beautiful! 

Mark’s pieces for Hudson Valley Lighting have particularly been a favorite at Maison Carlyle, and recently added abundant beauty in our breakfast nook through the installation of the heritage-inspired Clivedon chandelier. Marks’ debut lighting collection; CLASSICS, mixes traditional shapes with fresh finishes to create a refined all-American look, while his second collection; MORE CLASSICS, features recurring traditional themes infused with British sensibilities. In his third collection; REIMAGINED CLASSICS (launched this past spring), Mark drew inspiration from the English Countryside while adding a touch of modernity through darker finishes and brass details, as illustrated by Owen Holmes magical watercolours. We hope these photos inspire you to add wonderful touches of blue-and-white into your homes, and to discover Mark’s beautiful collections for Hudson Valley Lighting. 

photographed by daniel aponte featuring the clivedon chandelier
photographed by daniel aponte
photographed by daniel aponte

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